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GeoMapper HubSpot Setup Guide

Already connected? Prefer to watch a video? Watch our onboarding video here.

1. Connect your HubSpot account

Connect your HubSpot account using the connect button below (don't worry, it'll open in a new window so that you can keep these instructions handy).

Connect HubSpot account

2. Login to your HubSpot account

Use your usual HubSpot login here. There are no extra logins to manage with GeoMapper.

3. Select your HubSpot account

If you only have one HubSpot account this step will be skipped automatically.

Prefer to learn by watching GeoMapper in action?

The rest of the GeoMapper setup is also covered in our onboarding video, so feel free to watch below. If not, keep scrolling for more step-by-step screenshots.

4. Open GeoMapper from the HubSpot sidebar

You can find the GeoMapper app in the HubSpot sidebar for any Company or Contact in your HubSpot account.

5. Create a GeoMapper List

Use any properties from your HubSpot account to pull select Companies and Contacts into a GeoMapper

6. Start Locating

GeoMapper will work through all your Companies or Contacts and add them to the world map on the left.

7. That’s it!

Now you’ve located the companies and contacts that are important to you...

  • Your sales team can make the most of their business trips
  • Your marketing team can executate on localized campaigns
  • Your customer success team can invite relevant customers to local events